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Thursday, October 10, 2013

My Other Man

Have you heard about  "Grey Dey Thursdey?" I am so excited that Petite Michelle Louise decided to start this party, it gives me so much inspiration and I have always loved gray (grey). Right now my mind is overloaded with ideas and posts pertaining to fall and Halloween, so I decided to go back through my pictures to find something grey that I already had photographed for a quick post.

Here is my beloved David bust. Isn't he dreamy??? I go on an on about him so often that my husband may be a tad jealous! Or at least he teases me about it. I originally showed him in my Antiques Booth Favorites post, and he has made a couple of other guest blog appearances since, but I've never given him a proper post of his own. What better time than Grey Dey Thursdey?

Look at those eyes!

I found David at an estate sale for $35. Once I did some research on him I discovered that he was somewhat valuable, so  my original intention was to sell him. I took him to my booth and used him as a centerpiece in a table display, but as soon as I set him up with all that yummy tarnished silverplate and ironstone I knew he was MINE! So I priced him "not to sell" and left him in the booth for a while. Every time we went in the shop my husband would joke about how he was a little worried about my attachment to David...

 Look at those curls!
It was all in jest until David showed up at our Halloween party last year...
 I thought maybe the hubby wouldn't notice if David was incognito. I introduced my "friend" as Scurvy Cap'n David, but my husband wasn't buying it. At this point he was really disturbed by my behavior. I began to defend David, but turns out that it was the skeleton holding the creepy, antique limbless doll that had him concerned...
I decided to keep David at home for the holidays, but since the guest bedroom would be taken, he had to stay in our room. I mean, he couldn't be stored in the basement! All that moisture? No way!
So he stayed on the floor, right beside my bed, adding beauty and joy to my holiday season...
I have to admit, that after a while I started to question my obsession with David, so, I decided to turn him facing the opposite direction of me so that his eyes weren't the first thing I saw when I woke up in the morning. My conscious was clear.
After a while my husband got used to the idea of David hanging around. I guess he came to the conclusion that one day I'd come to my senses and realize that David was just another pretty boy made of nothing but stone. And since my husband is the real deal and is actually better looking than David, he never really had much to worry about to begin with. He's come to tolerate my girlie-girl-vintage-shabby-foo-foo décor, but if he would happen to come home and find the full David statue in the house then I'd say he'd probably have to put his foot down!
Hope you have enjoyed this post! Be sure to check up my upcoming Halloween posts too. David will be at our Halloween party again this year. Wonder what his costume will be?
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  1. oh that story about your "david" is so funny. thanks for starting my day off with a chuckle! happy grey dey too! so happy you joined in again! ;)

  2. WOW, David is very versatile!!!
    Have a wonderful Weekend

  3. Oh your David is pretty darn alluring! Thanks for linking to TTF!

  4. Love your David. I can see why you are so attracted to that HUNK of a man!
    Such fun.

  5. Amber,
    Gotta know that I had to feature your awesome $10 table. Come on by today and grab my feature button.


  6. Oh my, I don't blame you! I would be just as infatuated if I had a David of my own, so pretty! (or should I say handsome?) Love all the different ways you've displayed it. Thanks so much for stopping by chapter37!

  7. David is awesome! I'd love to have such a wonderful bust! I am delighted that you shared with Home and Garden Thursday, I appreciate you sharing,

  8. What a wonderful David! What a funny to see him pirate style! LOL!

  9. Oh those eyes, they go straight to your heart. lol! David is a mighty fine pirate too! Great post for Grey Dey. I will have to see if I have something to share sometime. Hope hubby isn't too jealous of your handsome beau. Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup. I'm sure it's not intentional, but I am not seeing a link back to the party.

  10. LOL! cracking up....rather like him as a pirate :) I often thought that my husband looked a bit like this David bust (minus the flowing hair hahaha!!) after all he IS Italian....he MIGHT be related to the model that sat patiently while Michelangelo created his statue :)
    ~ Karla & Karrie

  11. His eyes creep me out a bit -- he looks very intense!

  12. He's one good looking guy, for sure! I love the eyes and his curls. I think you found a bargain, one you aren't likely to run into on every corner.

    I've already forgotten how I happened upon your blog but I'm going to explore now!

  13. Well, I'm back to add that I have explored through September and you have the best ideas! That sweet little deer you brought inside! Love it! And the owl in the birdcage! Does the top lift off the cage? I have a tall old birdcage but it has a tiny door and the top does not lift off. My idea for it was a huge bird or peacock to perch inside but the opening is not large enough. I love yours. I'll be back again to go back further!


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