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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Best of Halloween 2013

Well another beloved Halloween has come and gone. This year was a great one so I want to get a post up even though I am well into the Thanksgiving decorating. Our internet went out just a few days before Halloween so for the second year in a row, my Halloween post is late. Nevertheless, I was very pleased with this year's decorations so I want to share them with you today. Unfortunately the pictures were hastily taken with my iphone but I think you'll still enjoy them. Happy (late) Halloween!

 I based this year's mantel around the Haunted House "ticket" I found at Home Goods. Even though I don't like to repeat mantels, that witch and skeleton are just too perfect on the mantel so I used them again, but I changed the other decorations up.

       I put my vintage haunted house blow mold in the fireplace to go along with the Haunted House theme.

I loved my cloche creation this year! I used a vintage number 13 pool ball, which just happened to be orange, and an old "13" card in a vintage flower frog. Underneath is an vintage mason jar with broken watch pieces and a fake spider.
I wish I had a dollar for every time I used the word "vintage" in my blog posts!
On the other side of the mantel I created my "Queen of Halloween" display. My husband had found the awesome vintage trophy just a few weeks ago and it gave me the idea for this whole vignette. I simply added fake eyelashes and mossy hair to a faux pumpkin and created a spider "crown" with an estate sale tiara and a big spider draped with jewels. Sheis  wearing a vintage lace and tarnished tinsel collar, old pearls, and a vintage amber brooch. Love her!

 The "Queen of Halloween" took the place of my "Belle of the Halloween Ball" on the mantel, and the Belle was moved to the buffet, where I created a gypsy-Halloween Soiree display.

One of omy favorite things about this display is the creepy hand holding a magnifying glass which is used to help with the palm reading.
My buffet was the perfect prop for this picture of my lovely gypsy Mom.
My corner cabinet display had some of my favorite Halloween decorating of  2013. I stayed true to my junky chic style, and tried to use things that were vintage and mostly black. I just hate that there is no time of the day when pictures turn out due to the large picture window beside it. The best I can get is at night. I think I will probably repeat this look next year and get some better pictures.
Last Halloween I added Frenchy scrapbooking papers to the back and side walls of my corner cabinet because it just looked blah with the plain white, and I've kept them ever since. They provide the perfect backdrop for Halloween displays and the black and tan gave me the idea to use very little orange and to stick to that color scheme for the cabinet.

The baby heads are what I call "pretty" creepy...especially when covered with that 1800's doily.

 At the bottom of the cabinet I created this little shabby chic "Midnight Serenade" vignette. I am crazy about vintage claw foot tub feet, and I decorate with them all year, but the claws seem to look a bit more sinister when used in Halloween displays. The vintage strings and violin rosin were estate sale finds form the summer.
 And last, but certainly not least, here is our "new" farm table set for a Halloween feast. After having over 4000 views of my first farm table post, I realized that was going to be a tough post to top, and  I had no idea how I was going to create something even remotely comparable to my everyday fall tablescape. However, the table is so beautiful it doesn't take much to make it stunning, and it did turn out quite elegant even though it was Halloween.

 I came up with the idea to  use mostly dark green pumpkins and gourds with the deer antlers.The mini pumpkins were placed on thick tufts of moss. Little black snakes slithered here and there. Then I simply accented with a few tarnished silverplate pieces and a couple of creepy appetizers.
Crunchy locust shells, anyone?

 My favorite part of Halloween, of course, was watching this guy have a blast!
See you next Halloween...

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  1. Love all of your decorations! Gave me some ideas for next year,never to early to plan for the holiday that's the most fun!

  2. love all your beautiful sets and how your put them together great job

  3. your Halloween decor. I especially love the haunted house in the fireplace. What a great idea!

  4. Oh girl, your Halloween décor is so fab! Love the table setting and the cupboard filled with creepies. I think my most favorite is the vignette under the cloche. And that huge blow mold, wow! How lucky to have a #13 ball that was orange! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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