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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thanksgiving Cabinet Vignettes and Dining Room Tour Part 3

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope this day finds you resting up for the busy week ahead. Today I am showing you part three of my dining room tour, highlighting my corner cabinet vignettes. The batteries for my good camera ran out and I can't find the charger anywhere, so Iphone photos are the best I can do for today, but I hope you'll still enjoy the post.
 Here is my little shabby corner cabinet, which is great for creating seasonal vignettes. I added the Frenchy scrapbooking paper to the walls last October, and I love the brown and black for fall especially. This year I used several of my vintage Thanksgiving trinkets to create the shelf displays. I will show you close-ups throughout the post.    
The corner cabinet is along the same wall as our buffet which make taking pictures difficult due to the glare. This view is looking in to the dining room from the kitchen. Grainy pic, but I figure you can get an idea of the "feel" of the room.
Yesterday I hung my favorite curtain panels for Thanksgiving. I take them down at Christmas because the colors are too suggestive of fall, but right now they are wonderful and add a cozy autumn warmth.
                              The pattern matches my Johnson Brothers turkey dishes perfectly.
Along with my vintage treasures are true treasures from my little boy. On top of the cabinet sits a pinecone turkey that he made in pre-school (he is hiding from the butcher). Just a few days ago he brought me the giant leaf which is displayed on an architectural salvage piece with vintage  Thanksgiving postcards and old lace. He knows how much I love the things he brings me!
Here is the right side of the top shelf. I love how the little feathers in the vintage apothecary jar are the same colors as the scrapbook papers, yet add another pattern for visual interest.
Last year I displayed my vintage celluloid pilgrims and indian doll as a cloche display and I liked it so much I decided to repeat the idea (gasp!) I prefer to change things up each year, but it's also fun to repeat your favorite themes, as they evoke a sense of tradition.
Love everything about this display, except the fact that I only noticed the gourd in the cloche is growing hair!
I just took another picture, (minus the moldy gourd) to try to get aware from the glare but I just couldn't. Anyway, you can see the little turkey candle and the small doll a little better. My son is only eight but he is a true picker, and this year he found the little Native American girl doll at the flea market for me for .25. He remembered I had the others that I use at Thanksgiving! He has inherited my ability to" junk for the future!" So of all the dolls, she is obviously my favorite now!
  Here are the second and third shelves. More vintage dishes, silverplate, a post card, and a vintage Gurney turkey candle. I especially love that totally retro, plastic fall wreath under the pumpkin tureen.You hardly every find vintage Thanksgiving wreaths anymore.
                                            And lastly, my favorite display... the turkey in the straw!

I hope you have enjoyed Thanksgiving in our dining room this year. I know our family is really going to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner gathered around our farm table for the first time. I would love for you to check out Part 1 and 2 of the tour if you haven't already. Just click the links below.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!
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                                                           Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. I can't believe somehow I've missed your cute blog. Thanks for leaving a comment on mine. I love your cute, cute Thanksgiving display minus the moldy gourd. I had no idea gourds even got moldy. Love the story of your son and the little Indian doll. I think I have one of those dolls around here somewhere.
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving! I can't wait to see what else you come up with.

  2. Amber, I am laughing at the moldy gourd. I had the same thing going on this Fall. I placed a giant sunflower head under a cloche and a few days later I glanced over and it was a ball of mold. lol! Your dolls under the cloche are wonderful. Can't blame you for wanting to repeat it. All of your displays are just beautiful! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  3. You have so many lovely things that you decorated with for Thanksgiving. I love the way you have displayed your collectibles in your cabinet. I am looking forward to seeing what you will be doing for your Christmas decorating.



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