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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Antiques Booth Favorites

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a nice and blessed Easter.

I have a bit of free time this evening so I have decided to show you some of my favorite items that are currently for sale in our booth at the Catlettsburg Antique Mall in Catlettsburg, KY. It is getting packed in there but we love it all!

Come in and shop! I am willing to ship if you see something you'd just love to have.
 I am really pleased with our dining table display. The David bust draws a lot of attention to our booth because he is just so gorgeous. I found him at an estate sale and had intended to try to sell him quickly but once I got him in the booth I realized how amazing he was, so I bumped up my asking price a bit to keep him around a while longer. 

 My husband painted and distressed the round dining table you see here and we liked it so much that we have decided to paint our antique table at home in the same creamy white when we get a chance.
I am not sure anyone even notices that the table is for sale since I have almost completely covered it with ironstone dishes and silverplate items. I originally began purchasing the silverplate for the booth only but I have fallen in love with it and will definitely incorporate it into my own house after I get some of the spring items packed away and make some room.

Tarnished silverplate... love.

One of the best things about being an antiques dealer having an excuse to "collect" things for the booth. Since opening the booth I have started collecting more vintage clothing and jewelry items, Pyrex dishes, dolls, pearls, china plates and random things that I have always liked but may not be what I personally collect at home.  Nevertheless, while buying for the booth, I have begun to love all of those things even more, and now I want to collect them all at home as well. What can I say? I am a junkaholic collector at heart.

The tres chic bracelet on display as eye candy was handmade by Amanda Clark. She makes beautiful jewelry and uses some of my vintage jewelry finds in her work. Check out her beautiful things here:

                                                                    fun retro Pyrex

pretty dishes

Creepy old composition dolls that I adore, I think they are
just beautiful. These types of dolls are not always easy to find.

I recently sold an antique wedding gown that was on display on this vintage dress form. I had planned on doing a post about the dress because it was so wonderful but it sold within a week and I didn't get a chance. Once the gown was removed I decided to leave the dress form undressed for a while to show off the awesome retro blue color and just use it to display accessories.

Here is one of the prettiest little dolls I have ever found. Believe me I am thinking about bringing her home if she hasn't sold by this weekend---she is precious! Look at her silky gown with lace details!

I also found this shabby little birdcage the same day at a different flea market and when I was trying to find a spot for the doll and the birdcage in the booth I got the idea to display them together.
I really NEED to keep these things more than I need to sell them, don't you think? That doll and birdcage would look perfect in our new super-shabby bedroom... *Sighs*

 It is hard for a true junkaholic collector to part with such things...but alas, they are for sale...
 Pictured just to the right of the birdcage is a small adolescent-sized mannequin that I decoupaged with old sheet music. I have various vintage accessories hanging on it. A beautiful antique Chinese robe hangs to the far right.  

Great details on this antique chair we made over using robin's egg blue paint, distressing heavily and  finishing with walnut stain.

 Genuine "robin's egg blue" robin's eggs! I took this picture on Easter Sunday. The nest was on my Mom's porch. How perfect is this??? No wonder the most beautiful homes are decorated with things inspired by nature.

Have a great spring weekend!
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  1. Wow! you really have pretty neat things, I love vintages plates!

  2. I love all the vintage silverplate, Amber. Your booth looks great. Thanks for visiting me. I was going to answer the question you asked, but you have no reply turned on. I didn't know if you were aware of it. Anyway, I usually get my wax at my antique show. You can also get it online.

  3. Your booth always looks awesome!!! Love everything we have gotten from there too!!!

  4. I see lots of wonderful goodies in there, Amber! Is it ever hard for you to let some of them go? That's MY biggest hangup in being a dealer! ;)

    Thanks for linking to Time Travel Thursday. Hope to see you again this week.

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  5. Very pretty! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  6. Hi! OH MY GOSH!!!! I want EVERYTHING on that table!!!!! Beautiful styling and I love your taste! Thanks for visting me today. Hugs, Kimberly

  7. Such wonderful vintage pieces in your shop. (newest follower)

  8. You have a lot of antiques in your booth. The sculpture of David is absolutely stunning and attention-grabbing. How much do you sell it for? It must be so precious for you to increase its price. I'm sure someone who love sculptures would love to keep this. Has anyone bought it yet? -D & M Estate Buyers

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