Finding rusty old junk is fun! Nevertheless, I have found that no matter how much "stuff" I find and collect, only God can fully satisfy my heart. Matthew 6:19 Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal:20 But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal:21 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend Finds September 18, 2011

Well I must say I had a great time getting back into the junking mode this weekend and I probably won't miss anymore if I can help it from now until the cold weather keeps the vendors away. I will admit that I had to stop going to the flea market and rummage sales over the past month or so for the simple fact that we were running out of room for all of the things we were storing either to keep, sell, or repurpose. It had gotten so cluttered with bargains that we were losing track of what we'd bought. Due to working as a music director for several summer camps from June-August, I didn't have time during the week to sort and decorate with the things we'd found each weekend. Now that school has started back I actually have more free time than I had during the summer. I am a college instructor working a Tuesday/Thursday schedule this semester which gives me some time during the weeks to devote to my favorite hobbies. Luckily now everything is starting to get back to normal.

I found one more little ghost pumpkin in our yard today hiding under the vines
 To be honest, I am a neat freak and as much as I wanted to get the Halloween decorating started, I just couldn't do it until the house was "ready." Now all the housework is caught up and the vintage Christmas decorations we bought this summer are organized and waiting for their time to shine once Thanksgiving is over (our laundry room was beginning to look like some sort of Christmas overstock warehouse). The house was getting far too disheveled for me, so I had to fight the overwhelming urge to go picking and use some discipline to do the right I disciplined myself right into organizing everything into enough room to justify another fun-filled weekend of treasure hunting. I am very glad I went, as I found some real goodies! I have some older pictures of previous finds too, so I think I'll just post them here as well since they are also "weekend finds."
We really needed a new dresser and although I was looking for
something to redo with a more antique look, I couldn't pass up this brand  new
all wood dresser  and matching night stand at the flea market for
 $100 (still had the new manufacturer's sticker from Feb. 2011 and plastic on knobs).
 I normally wouldn't spend that amount but these pieces are in
 near perfect condition and were quite a bargain, probably worth at least four times as much.
This nightstand is the exact match
for the dresser, the lighting is just different in the photo
I love this shelf made from a piece of antique tin crown molding which
was salvaged from an old hotel ($5, flea market).
 I paid $1 each for the antique door handles. The vintage cast iron
candle stand was $1, and the mini pumpkin was free (picked off our own vine).

Gorgeous detailing on these handles

One of the finer family-owned nurseries in our area had
some interesting succulents on clearance for $1 this weekend. My son was wanting
a few more plants for his college dorm room so I bought several and divided them out.
I planted this bit along with one of my Great-Grandmother's Hen and Chicks plant in
a pretty little pot my mother found for me at a rummage sale. And by the way, this pot is "the real McCoy."

I have the perfect spot waiting for this shabby shelf ($4.50, Flea Market)  in our basement family
room which is currently still undergoing renovations (hopefully it will
be finished by Halloween).

A great old table ($20 rummage sale)
Set of 6 1930's Ducal china  dematisse cups $1 for all at
an estate sale
I had found two of these 1940's garden chairs for $2 at a yard sale a while back.
 The intent was to paint them but I just couldn't bring myself to
destroy their shabby charm.

The pumpkin wreath was a $1 yard sale find. It is cute and primitive how it is, but I have something else in mind for it for Halloween---you'll have to check back in a week or so to see what it is. Until then, happy junking!


  1. I love the cast iron candle stand with the pumpkin! What a find and it's so cute what you did with it. I just don't have the skill you do, to me, a candle stand is a candle stand! So talented!

  2. $2 Dollars!!!!!!!!! SHUT the front door. OMG were you DYING inside? =0 I would have nicely paid,politely placed them in my car, calmly 1 block down and SCREAMED my head off! lol.. Lucky GURL! ;)


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