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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Antique Organ

Hello everyone on this very snowy Saturday! I was tagged on Instagram to post a special furniture piece. I've been meaning to show you my organ so playing the hashtag gave me a reason to go ahead and do this post. 
As you can see I have a very lovely organ in my music office (I'm going be doing an official reveal post soon) which has been mine since I was about four years old. I am a music teacher and this piece is one of the earliest influences I had toward that career. 
My grandfather was a music major and taught me piano from an early age. He bought this organ in 1976, at the time it was almost 100 years old. When I took an interest in music my grandparents decided the organ would be mine one day. This picture is just one of many wonderful memories with my grandparents that took place right around the organ. And just look at their gorgeous carpet! I always loved it. My grandmother had pretty things and I can remember appreciating them at an early age. When she moved to assisted living this past spring she wanted me to bring the organ to our house but I wasn't really wanting it yet. We had just moved here last December and I already had a piano in the music office and we had intentions to add built in bookshelves on the remaining walls. Nevertheless,  I really didn't have any other space for the organ, so we moved it in.

Turns out it looks stunning in its new home, the dark wood perfectly matches the old trim in our home. The organ is a fun and interesting conversation piece for my students and guests, and it still plays well! It has never been refinished and not is still gorgeous!
Pretty but needs...
Vintage junk!
I've been blogging and posting a lot about incorporating shabby chic, romantic and Frenchy styles in our current house which has dark woodwork and traditional style. I "shabbied" the organ with lots of beautiful vintage pictures and trinkets and I just love it as a display piece. 
You will see a lot of lions in my post from time to time. Both my maiden and married names are Scottish and have a lion on the crests. Of course the Lyon name is traditionally associated with the lion as a symbol. Lions just give me something else to hunt for on my treasure hunts. 
Here's my parent's senior pictures. Love them.The little rose compact is in my Etsy shop if you fancy pretty things!
This organ is everything I love! Antique, a touch of medieval gothic style, music, and memories!

Can you even believe these pedals? Look at those roses and florals, not a rip or run and it's over 100 years old. And believe me, many times I played that thing and 
pedaled and pumped til I couldn't breath!
 I almost contemplated putting the organ in storage because I didn't think it would "go" with the house but my heart wouldn't let me. I can always find a way to make a piece work if I love it. In this case it fits my current decorating model "Unified simply by being old and beautiful." It's not so much about making your home fit a particular decor style but more about living with beautiful things you love. ❤️

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Have a great weekend!

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