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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Outdoor Fall Decorating From 2012

It's fall y'all! Not exactly, but for those of us who live for autumn, this is the time of year we start getting ideas together since it's just a few weeks away. I never got around to doing a proper post of my outdoor displays last year and I didn't even get good pictures, but I wanted to show you some of what I had thrown together for the outside in 2012.
This is a scarecrow I purchased at a rummage sale for $2. I did repaint his face for  a more modern primitive country look. I wanted to make him look spiffy so I gave him double layer flannel shirts, popped his collars and made him a burlap tie! My son had had enough of the purple plaid shirt so I happily took it off his hands used it on the scarecrow. I love incorporating purple in fall and Halloween decorating so it was perfect. Makes that autumn kale really pop! After I took the picture below I added more pumpkins and gourds around the front but unfortunately I didn't get any photos, but I'm sure you can imagine them!
On my porch I stacked a trio of my favorite picks from my friend's pumpkin patch. I really loved this combination, especially the colors and how the gray striations on the top gourd is almost identical to the faux patina on the urn. The Spanish moss looked perfect but since my porch is uncovered it got pretty soggy after a few rains and made a bit of a mess. I'm going to try something different in between this year.

Here is another corner of my porch. This was in mid-September. I think I eventually ended up rearranging this wagon and adding more pumpkin varieties later. I love filling the old rusty Radio Flyer with fall goodness!
Well that's all for now. I'm off to search for more fall inspiration!


  1. Amber I love that trio of gourds. Did you drill through them to stack? And I've seen others use the wagons - did you drill holes in it to keep water from pooling?

    1. Actually I did not drill holes and regretted it. I used mini bales of straw and after the first couple of rains I had a swamp full of mosquitos! This year I will definitely be adding holes. As for the pumpkins, they are just stacked and they stayed that way until Thanksgiving.


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