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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Our Happy Easter "Birthster" Weekend

Easter has already come and gone and we haven't even begun to have spring weather yet. This Easter marked my third  "birthster" (Easter birthdays-previously on my 26th and sweet 16th). Also, my eight year old had his birthday on Thursday and we had his party on Saturday so it was a big weekend for us!
 As those of you who have been following along are aware, I have been dealing with chronic autoimmune issues that have really hindered my ability to decorate as I normally do. I was not able to get into my Easter storage this year because I have just been too sick and in too much pain to handle it, so I had to use what I already had around the house and I really loved the end result. I didn't have time to charge my camera so I had to take the pictures with my iphone, (lighting is an issue anytime of the day in our house so they aren't the best quality) but I wanted to try to get a blog up nevertheless.

 I am really considering getting rid of some of my old Easter decorations that are in storage unless they are particularly sentimental. The look of natural spring elements for Easter is so much more appealing than mass produced decorations and looking for things to use  from around the house in new and creative ways is like a treasure hunt. Luckily I did have a few little things left here at the house within easy reach, and some of my large eggs were outside in a storage bin that were easy to access as well. Here is what I came up with...

                                                                    Happy Easter!

I found this sweet little Easter card featuring daffodils in my downstairs stash of vintage ephemera. My favorite childhood picture is in the background, a memory of Easter at my grandparent's house.

I got started with my decorating by simply tweaking the mantel. I love how my everyday ironstone and salvaged pieces provided a sweet cottage style foundation for my displays this year and all I had to do was add a few seasonal elements.

 photo 1EC5E321-EDD2-4538-B318-542D3AB15457-188-0000003135785494_zpsa50e8c1d.jpg
I have a small collection of pastel McCoy pots that worked perfectly on the mantel. I needed some eggs of some sort and I wasn't about to get into storage. Luckily I found three shabby chalkware eggs at a thrift shop. The sweet feathers came from a specialty shop.They are such a chic alternative to plastic grass.

 photo 611AD709-DA6E-4B71-8968-EE1DD885E129-188-000000311B71150D_zpse679dbca.jpg
The Peter Rabbit pop-up book belongs to my nineteen year old. I have kept it on the bookshelf since he was little so it was easy to get to. Salavage architectural elements in spring hues help anchor the vignette.

I took this bunny out of the garden and brought him in for the holiday. I surrounded him with an indoor garden of live pansies and nestled a colored egg in mondo grass instead of plastic grass. He looks so cute in my favorite rusty birdcage!

However creative I try to get with my centerpieces, I couldn't miss a chance to go a bit traditional and display some tulips as a focal point. Instead of simply using the tulips in a vase, I filled a crate full of spanish moss, eggs, and vintage-springy things. I found this ironstone platter back in the fall and I have been looking forward to spring so I could display it. It has a Dutch scene with fields of tulips in the backround, my favorite flower!
  It was very hard to get good pictures with my iphone due to brightness, but the light streaming in made it feel springy even if it was cold outside! Over the course of the week I changed my centerpiece adding colored eggs, and a little picket fence planter. I also replaced my tulips as the yellow ones faded.
          Chick peep nesting in a depression glass sherbet dish. One of my favorite little things!
Sunny Easter cottage.
 photo 66A1C5C9-5E2E-4C70-9E27-176732AA4027-188-000000313B14444F_zps6ca43d43.jpg
Easy cake stand turned cloche. Traditional dyed eggs, grass with a little white bunny in the center. Some of my favorite  books add visual interest and tie in the theme of a cottage decorated and inpsired by spring and gardens.

                                               I love this look for all spring and summer long.

How sweet are these feathers and little blue eggs? So reminiscent of Romantic Prairie style! The old ironstone bowl even has a cabbage pattern on it. Perfection!

This shot is always hard to take no matter what time of day due to the large window, but I am happy with my buffet display. I got a Victorian style greenhouse/terrarium for my birthday and some new buffet lamps. This is the first Easter for the buffet and I love it decorated with garden elements.

           I absolutely love my terrarium. Its going to be so fun to decorate all year round.

                    I received some traditional Easter orchids for my birthster. How festive!

The Easter bunny spoiled me for my birthster! I finally got the antique cast iron "cauldron" I have been wanting for my Halloween decorations for so many years, and it was filled with all kinds of gardening goodies and herbal teas. I have already tested out a few flavors, now if the weather would cooperate I can get started on some plantings. I can't wait to fill the pot full of herbs to use all summer!
I wanted something different that I hadn't seen on Pinterest or blogs for my chalkboard. Instead of script, I chose a giant Easter egg. Fun!
Ready for church.
 Luke 24:5-8 The angel speaks: "Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here; He is risen!"
 Hope you had a great Easter and that spring will bring beautiful things to your way!
Spring Parties! 


  1. Hi Amber! Returning the visit from Mission Jewels :) You have a beautiful blog - so many inspirational photos of your home/decor. I look forward to following you as well!


  2. Hi Amber, I am visiting from Rooted In Thyme. Loved purusing all of your lovely Easter decorations. Love the way you used the string lights in your bird cages, and the feathers under the eggs for a little nest! Everything is just so well put together. Great Job! Catherine (new follower)


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