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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Celebrating the 4th of July, White Wednesday, and 100 bloggers!

 Thank you to my 100 followers who have been so encouraging as I started this blogging adventure. I hope all of you have a wonderful Fourth of July!

 Today I will be sharing a few white projects that have kept me busy lately. As usual I don't have a lot of before pictures because I am always so excited to get started that I forget to take them until its too late.

Here is a "Frenchy" estate sale chair that I made over using a homemade chalk paint recipe. It turned out great and I sold it in a recent craft show I did with my best friend Amanda in our new business, "The Junkin' Rubies." (I will be publishing our Junkin' Rubies blog soon so be sure to follow along, I think you'll love what we've been up to!)

This chair was originally just an ugly shade of brown with a hideous 80's fabric tacked over the orignal seat cover. I simply painted away with my chalk paint and distressed the wood like crazy with my hand sander. The chalk paint adhered really well and I didn't even need a stain or wax on top. Then I got brave and painted the original fabric on the seat and it worked great. I used chalk paint so I just lightly sanded it with my hand sander when it was dry and voila!!!

Here it is on display at the show. Love! It was so hard for Amanda and I to part with that
gorgeous flapper necklace she made and this fabulous chair but we are so glad to find customers who love our treasures as much as we do!

I also used the same chalk paint on some very old frames. They were in rough shape but the white made them look amazing! I sold several of them in the show and had it not been 110 degrees in the shade and half of our city out of electricity, I bet they would all be gone!

I am really going to have to get back to using my real camera since these iphone pictures
aren't the best, but i wanted to show you a garden chair and night stand that I remade. I chalk painted this estate sale chair and added some chicken wire to the empty seat so that the new owner could fill it up with plants of his or her choice. There was an article in Flea Market Gardens magazine that showed how to DIY so I used it in my display and the chair sold to a lady who happens to live in my neighborhood, so now I get to drive by and see my chair all decked out with flowers.

I also sold the little night stand (sorry for the shadows). It looked quite pitiful when I bought it at a yard sale but I loved its shabby-French possibilities. Again the amazing chalk paint came to the rescue. I used the same color of paint but I finished with a dark walnut stain. Since I am a music teacher I often incorporate antique sheet music in my projects, so I decided to decoupage some on top where all the veneer was scraped off and it turned out great! I sold to my high school choir director which means I also will be able to see my junk-find again (you know how hard it can be to part with good finds!)  She decided to use it next to her piano instead of by her bed, but that's the whole idea of repurposing! She loves it!

I have a few more things to show but I'll save them for upcoming posts. Right now its time for some lemonade!

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  1. Greatjob on the chair! Congrats on 100 followers too!

  2. Congratulations on reaching a milestone. I'm sure there are going to be many, many more followers.
    Love the chair redo. Very pretty. Isn't chalk paint amazing.


  3. This chair came out so beautiful. You did such a nice job.
    i know how much hard work went in to it :)

  4. That chair is so awesome--I love it!

  5. Your chair and frames are gorgeous - loving them
    Your newest follower - would love to have you come
    by and follow back :)

  6. Lovely, lovely and even more lovely!

  7. Love the chair and what a great idea to decoupage music sheet paper on the top of a table!!


  8. Looks like we like a lot of the same things! Glad you found me so I could find you! Now I'm your newest follower!


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