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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Honeycrisp Apples!

Happy September and fall decorating! Its that time of year when we revel in the bountiful harvests of apples. We decorate with them, burn apple scented candles, make apple butter, pies, or just eat 'em raw! I am posting today simply to share the glorious tastiness that I discovered in a Honeycrisp apple! Have you ever tried one? I can tell you no other apple will ever compare for me. I don't eat sugar or baked goods due to dietary restrictions but these apples taste as perfect plain as any apple dessert I have had. Just shake on some cinnamon and it's like eating a cookie! I thought I was flipping over these because I eat no sugar (only some occasional fruit) but even my mom (sugar addict, dessert connoisseur ) was blown away when I gave her one and went straight to the market to buy some too!

Of course they are as delicious to look at as they are to munch, adding a perfect little touch of fall in a farmhouse (or any style) kitchen.

Every 1st weekend of Septemer since my 10 year old was a toddler, we go to the farmer's market and buy one of each variety of apple available and come home and have an apple tasting and rating activity. The whole family fell in love with Honeycrisps hands down. We even had my son's friend try them and both boys rated the Honeycrisp a 100 on a scale of 1-10! The larger chain stores don't carry them often but more can be ordered here: (I am not affiliated with this company and I won't receive any compensation, just wanted to share).
Just a couple of days after discovering Honeycrisps, I found this little bucket at Michaels. One day I will give it to my son so he can remember our September apple tastings.

Previously Macintosh was my favorite variety and I still love them but it's a completely different experience with the Honeycrisp. I use apples in lots of Thanksgiving recipes and my cooking
preference is Gala, but I will definitely be using the Honeycrisp in my traditional Apple -Sausage-Walnut Cornbread (gluten free) stuffing. Yum! Can't wait!

If you are looking for the perfect "healthy" dessert that really satisfies the craving for something "fallish," I encourage you to give a Honeycrisp a try.

I just was reading over this before I posted and it sort of unintentionally became a commercial,  so I think I'll send a link to the Honeycrisp  website and maybe they'll hook me up with some free ones! They are non-GMO so all the better.

I'm off to slice one up to enjoy while checking out all of the beautiful fall home tours. I'll be posting my fall tour next weekend so come on over!


  1. Yes! My bil turned me on to Honeycrisp apples this summer. My faces were previously braeburn & Gala, but you're oh so right - they're delish! Love your tradition of taste testing after shopping the varieties. Happy fall, Amber!

  2. Yes, they are good! I live in apple country and they are the highest priced apples around. I bought one and it cost $2.34. It will be a luxury for me to eat one at a time this Fall!


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